Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Stop and pray at the tomb of St Francis

 Above is a link to a live webcam which allows us to visit the tomb of St Francis in Assisi and spend a moment in prayer at any time. During the day you will see the thousands of pilgrims, many of them young people, who come to visit St Francis' tomb.

In the busyness of the Christmas season it is important for us to take time to stop and pray. Let us join in prayer with our Holy Father St Francis for our needs and the needs of the World: 

Lord, Light the darkness of my heart and give me
a correct faith, certain hope and perfect charity.
Sense and knowledge Lord, that I may carry out your Holy and True command

(St Francis Prayer for Enlightenment)

Pax Br Martin


  1. Thank you for placing my son's name, Erich H., at the base of the saint's relics, nieces, nephews, godchild as well as my small business RF Design (and my own name, Karin S.) and their genogram, for healing, cleansing, exorcism, deliverance, blessing. All you Holy Men and Women, intercede for us!

  2. Merci pour ce lien!

  3. words cannot convey how thankful I am to you for this webcam as I cannot travel. May God bestow many blessings on you and those who visit.

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  7. I liked it better before you added more links the tomb live is all we needed but I will continuee visiting it
    For my 3rd order Franciscan office daily

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