Monday, 21 February 2011

Movie (3 hours) on the life of Padre Pio - Italian with English Subtitles

An excellent movie on the life of St Pio. It's available on YouTube..I have attached the link. It's in 22 parts. The easiest thing to do is to sign in and add them to a queue and them they should play !! (fingers crossed)

This is well worth a look


Br Martin

Rare Footage of St Pio

Over the weekend, a lot of people asked if we had any footage of St Pio ... so here we go. This is a rare 'behind the scenes' video and shows life in a Capuchin Friary at the time. There is no doubt the Pio continues to work in a very active way in people's lives with a number of people reporting to us strong experiences of his presence and 'perfume' especially in times of great darkness and crisis.

This video is always available, just under the St Pio slideshow to the right of this blog

Please enjoy. St Pio, our Brother, Pray for us

Pax Br Martin

Some photos from the Divine Mercy Conference 2011 ..more to follow !!

Our Vocations Stand at the RDS

Many People spoke to us of their very positive experiences with Capuchin Friars over the years 
and of their great devotion to St Pio

The Exhibition hall housed many different groups from Veritas to Spirit Radio. 
There was a great atmosphere among the stall holders with everybody helping each other, especially us 'first timers' at the event - thanks to all!!

Br Joe Gallagher manning the Stand. 

Over 4,000 people attended the Conference on Saturday

A shot of the main hall on Sunday morning as Sr Katrina Esselen was addressing the crowd.She is a member of the same congregation as St Faustina. She spoke very well conveying a very gentle message of the power of God's Mercy

Another view of the Main Hall as the crowds begin to fill it up

A great stall selling goods from El Salvador manned by our very own Sr Peter (right) of the Sisters of St Clare ... our cousins from Harold's Cross!!

Bishops Launch Social Justice document 'From Crisis to Hope' in the Capuchin Day Centre for the Homeless, Dublin

Today, in our Homeless Centre on Bow Street, the Catholic Bishops Conference for Justice and Peace launched a Document entitled 'From Crisis to Hope: Working to Achieve the Common Good'.

I have attached a link which provides an overview of the document and the transcripts of the introductions given by the Bishops

From Crisis to Hope

Monday, 14 February 2011

Capuchin Franciscan Vocations


Here is a video slideshow we put together to use at the Divine Mercy Conference this weekend. Some images of our life and Charism


Br Martin

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Come visit us at the Divine Mercy Conference, RDS, 19th / 20th Feb 2011


Next weekend sees the return of the Divine Mercy Conference to the RDS. Our vocations team will have a Capuchin Vocations stand in the exhibition hall. If you are there please come over to see us

Br Martin

Monday, 7 February 2011

Something to think about ...

When you sow a thought you reap an action
When you sow an action you reap a habit
When you sow a habit you reap a way of life
When you sow a way of life you reap a destiny.

So take a moment to sow a thought of God today and allow it to grow.

Br Martin

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Reminder: Vocations Discernment Experience 25th - 27th February, Church St Dublin

Click here for :Your Invitation to a Franciscan Discernment experience

You are the Light of the World, O Lord

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple.

Even though Jesus was still just a baby, about 40 days old we can assume, both Simeon and Ana were given the Grace to recognise who He was and to openly proclaim that recognition ..."At last O Divine eyes have seen Your Salvation....a light to Enlighten"

Today we also remember all people who have consecrated their lives to God as Religious men and women.Who, through faithfully living out their consecration, have brought the Light of Christ to all corners of the world. 

Let us pray that Jesus the Light of the World will Enlighten the Darkness of this world we live in. We remember especially young men and women who are considering a vocation to Religious Life, that Christ will give them the Light to recognise Him in their lives and the courage to openly proclaim this through responding to His call and invitation to them.

Have a blessed and light filled day!


Br Martin