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Welcome to our Faith Development resource page. This page was originally conceived in the Year of Mercy. Here we have a selection of audio, visual and written resources to help you discover more about your faith. The resources are categorised under Prayer and Contemplation, The Word of God, Christian Life and Mission. We hope you find these beneficial. Resources are provided with thanks to Word on Web ( and the Congregation for New Evangelisation ( as well as contributes from our own Franciscan sources. You can find many resources and updates from the Year of Mercy webpage (Jubilee of Mercy Vatican Page).

We will be adding to this page as the year goes on and more material becomes available. We begin now with Prayer.....enjoy the journey!!

Prayer & Contemplation

What are we doing when we pray?
Praying with Scriptures
Meditation & Contemplation: Prayer without words

The Word of God
What is a Gospel?
The Gospel and the Gospels
How the Gospels were written
How to pray the Gospels
The Gospel of Luke
Jesus proclaims the Good News
God invites everyone to the Feast
'Today you will be with me in Paradise'
 Finding the Good News: Gospel as parable
                                                      The Good News in Parables: The prodigal son
                                                      The Good News in Parables: The Good Samaritan
                                                      The Good News in Parables: The unjust Judge

Christian Life & Mission
We are a Pilgrim People
We are a forgiving people
We are called to Praise
The Word is near
The Word is Alive and Active
Catholic Social Teaching Poverty (Video)
Catholic Social Teaching Work (video)
Catholic Social Teaching Economic Crisis (Video)
Catholic Social Teaching Solidarity (video)
                                                      Catholic Social Teaching Education (Video)
                                                      Catholic Social Teaching Young People (Video)

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