Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pace e Bene Group for young Adults (18 - 35)

Greetings on this beautiful Spring morning!

From the 27th of March and every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month thereafter, we will be hosting what we have called the 'Pace e Bene Group' for young adults, in our Friary, Church St Dublin, following the 7pm Mass.

Who is this Group for?
Young Adults who would like to come together, in a Sacred Space, to share, support and search together. It will be an opportunity to explore our faith, spend some time in prayer and meditation, share our stories and experiences of Christ and to offer support and mutual up-building.

In an ever secularized society, it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to have an opportunity to express, in real terms, the marvelous work the Holy spirit has done, and continues to do, in their lives.

If you usually attend the 7pm Mass in Church Street, if live in the Dublin area and you are a young person working for the Lord  or if you are searching for the Lord in your life, this is a great opportunity to meet in a spirit of prayer and community.

If you feel inspired to attend, please contact me at

May the Lord give you His Peace
Br Martin

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