Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Welcome to our new Blog

Peace be with you all !

You are very welcome to our new Capuchin Franciscan Vocations blog for Ireland. My name is Br Martin and I am responsible for keeping you all up to date about our life, ministries, vocations as well as some reflections and thoughts as we journey together through the Church's year.

Please visit us on www.irishcapuchins.com or on Facebook (Irish Capuchin Franciscans) and very soon on Twitter.

Br Terence Harrington is our full time vocations director dedicated to helping you as you discern what the Lord is asking you to do with your life. Every couple of months we run discernment weekends. These are a great opportunity to come meet the friars, see what friary life is like and, in a very supportive environment, talk about what the Lord is asking of you.

Vocation to religious life is essentially God asking you a question, namely " Will you come follow me?", as he did to the Apostles. We are here to help you find an answer to that question.

So for now peace and blessings to you all
Br Martin

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