Wednesday 12 December 2012

World Day of Prayer for Vocations (2013) is launched...

Pope Benedict has launched World Day of Prayer for Vocations with this message....

"Vocations as a sign of hope founded in faith" is the theme of the 50th World Day of Prayer for Vocations, to be held on 21st April 2013. This worldwide day of prayer was instituted to ask God to continue to send workers for his Church.

A paragraph taken from the Pope's message for the
 50th World Day of Prayer for Vocations  ... 

"Just as he did during his earthly existence, so today the risen Jesus walks along the streets of our life and sees us immersed in our activities, with all our desires and our needs. 
In the midst of our everyday circumstances he continues to speak to us; he calls us to live our life with him, for only he is capable of satisfying our thirst for hope. He lives now among the community of disciples that is the Church, and still today calls people to follow him. 
The call can come at any moment. Today too, Jesus continues to say, "Come, follow me" (Mk 10:21). Accepting his invitation means no longer choosing our own path. Following him means immersing our own will in the will of Jesus, truly giving him priority, giving him pride of place in every area of our lives: in the family, at work, in our personal interests, in ourselves. 
It means handing over our very lives to Him, living in profound intimacy with Him, entering through Him into communion with the Father in the Holy Spirit, and consequently with our brothers and sisters".

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