Friday, 20 June 2014

We Franciscans need you

Saying YES to God can be daunting especially when it involves a total giving of yourself to Him. But God will never be outdone in generosity. Just trust Him and all will be well. Are you discerning your vocation at present? Would you like some support and accompaniment? Contact me (Br. Terence Harrington) at 086 3230638 or
We Franciscans need you.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


"No one can come to me, unless drawn by the Father who sent me." John 6:44

Br. Bryan Shortall ofm.cap.

I've been reflecting on these words of Jesus from the Gospel of today's Mass and in particular as another back-drop to Vocation's Sunday tomorrow.

People often ask me the question; "What made you become a Capuchin?" And the truth is, it was like I had no choice, I was compelled in a sense. Like Jesus, immediately following his baptism by John in the River Jordan, he was compelled to go into the desert. I was drawn by Jesus Christ to the Capuchin Franciscan family.

I joined the Capuchin Order in September 1987 and made Perpetual vows in September 1994. Through those initial years, I studied Philosophy and Theology and worked in different ministries like in our Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless, Young Franciscans, and Second-level School Chaplaincy training. I also had the opportunity to study French in Paris over a summer time in 1992 and during the Summer of 1993 I worked with one of our Friars who was a part of the Irish Chaplaincy in London.
I was Ordained Priest in June 1997 and following some post-graduate study, I worked in School Chaplaincy in Dublin and Cork from 1997-2007, and then Hospital Chaplaincy, 2007-2010. I am currently in Parish Ministry in Dublin City's Market's Area right now.

Recently, I celebrated 25 years in the Order and I'm grateful to God that I was compelled to follow Jesus Christ as a Capuchin Franciscan. I'm also thankful that so many have inspired me and continue to do so as I go along. Could it be that God might be calling you too? Echoing the words of Jesus Christ; Pope Saint John Paul II often said; "Do not be afraid!" And he also quoted the powerful words of Saint Catherine of Siena at World Youth Day in 2000; "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze."

"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the message of eternal life..." (John 6:68)