Wednesday 23 March 2011

What is a Capuchin Franciscan vocation.......?

A Capuchin vocation, like ALL vocations, is a response to God asking you a question. That question is the same question He asked the Apostles 2,000 years ago, namely, 'Will you follow me?'.

But what does this mean in real terms? Is to follow merely to walk behind? to copy? to row in with? I don't, for an instant, feel that this is what Jesus meant when he utters those words to us. To 'follow' means much more... it means responding to the stirrings of the Spirit within, in an open hearted and generous way, in order to serve God and all Creation.

For us Capuchins, as with all religious orders, to follow takes a particular form, we call a charism. A charism is how we, as Franciscans and Capuchins, express this call in the world. For us our foundations as three fold : Fraternity (Brotherhood to all Creation); Prayer and Contemplation and Evangelisation (Bringing the Good News to the world).

We live as Brothers, in fraternity with each other. But this fraternity isn't contained to the friary but rather spills out into all that we do. Recently our Minister General, Br Mauro, said that our mission as Capuchins is to 'make the world more fraternal'.

Prayer is central to our life. Prayer is communication with God and we do this through our daily communal praying of the Liturgy of the Hours, the rosary, celebration of the Eucharist and personal contemplation.

St Francis once said ' Preach always - use words only when necessary!'. The Capuchins have always had a very strong tradition as preachers whether at Mass, in retreats or Parish missions. But we also preach through our actions and our ministries. Friars minister in many are varied fields including with the homeless, the poor, in hospitals, schools, parishes and now even on-line !

If you feel called, as St Francis did, to 'Go rebuild' the Church of the Lord and are interested in more information on our way of life, you are most welcome to contact our Vocation Director
Br Terence Harrington
086 3230638 or at


Br Martin

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