Friday 11 March 2011

Vocation: A Call to see Christ in those who suffer

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a wonderful gift to the World and is an excellent example of what vocation means, in a very practical way... it means searching for the broken Christ in this suffering world of ours, with the sole aim to comfort Him, in whatever way we can, using the gifts He has given us.

I heard it said that when God calls us to a vocation He doesn't give us a Crown but rather a mop and bucket! Here are some short videos with some words and examples of this response to Christ from the Great Saint of Calcutta herself. The last one is a movie of the Saints life.

Mother Teresa's response to the poor of the world, seeing Christ's eyes in their eyes, was the very same response our founder, St Francis of Assisi, had over 800 years ago and the very same response Christ is calling us to have today.


Br Martin
Mother Teresa on Vocation

Mother Teresa Interview Part 1

Mother Teresa Interview Part 2

Mother Teresa Movie : In the Name of God's Poor

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