Wednesday 30 March 2011

Franciscans at World Youth Day 2011 (16 - 21 August, Madrid)

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Hi Folks

WYD is fast approaching! To date, 1,250 Irish people have registered to attend, with over 300,000 in total from all around the world registered. This year the Franciscan family will host a 'Franciscan Village' in the heart of Madrid. The village is open to all.It will be a fantastic opportunity for Franciscans, from around the world, to meet up,as well as, creating an opportunity for us to welcome the WYD pilgrims into a Franciscan way of life for a few days. Pilgrims will have a chance to join us for prayer, attend some Franciscan talks and the 'Festival of Joy' - a big concert celebrating Francis and our way of life.

So if you are attending the WYD, you will get a very large,and warm, Franciscan welcome in the village.Do try to come along to the church of San Francesco el Grande, where we will be based.

Hasta la vista

Br Martin

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  1. Br Martin, wonderful event with his holiness Pope Benedict. My dream to participate. Can I go?? God Bless You. Ricardo