Wednesday 16 October 2013

The Gospel Mysteries of Vocation.....

It is essential that we pray for vocations. Vocations are born out of prayer and are sustained by prayer. A vocation to Religious Life can never be a self centred act but it is rather, at its essence, an extension of the prayer of the entire Christian Community, the very community that the person, responding to a vocation, will vow to serve. In doing this we pray for, and encourage, each other. It takes courage and support.

How can we pray for vocations? A nice way is to meditate on what we have called 'The Gospel Mysteries of Vocation' and to pray them like a Rosary. Each Mystery identifies an aspect of vocation and vocational discernment: the Mysteries of Attraction; of Courage; of Compassion; of Mission and of Love.

We pray these in our Friaries each week in solidarity with those who are discerning a vocation and also to ask God to sustain us in our own. Join us and let's pray together...

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