Wednesday 6 March 2013

Our Prayer For The Conclave

God of Our Hope

At a moment when the Church

Must look at the world with new eyes,

We, your people, from every walk of life,

Unite in solidarity and hold in prayer those entrusted

With the responsibility of electing the one

Who is to be shepherd of us all in these times of uncertainty.

Behind the closed doors of the Sistine Chapel,

Cardinals will discern the future direction of our Church.

We pray that in that sacred room,

They will carry the hopes of the poor, the oppressed and the outcast.

May the promptings of Your Spirit bring to light Your truth.

There is neither East nor West.

At the table of our faith, where all chairs are of equal height,

There are neither divisions nor judgments, only love and respect.

All are welcome.

We are all one in Christ.

And when that white cloud of smoke announces the new pope,

May he be a man for all peoples,

A man who will stand for truth and justice, equality and accountability,

A man who will welcome all to our table of faith.

Let him walk the streets of this earth with the humble, the lost and the destitute.

Let him be a true beacon of hope in their eyes.

We ask this in the name of the One

who lived and died an outcast in this world.



1 / 1 By Dianna Ortiz, OSU l Copyright © 2013, Center of Concern  

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