Friday 15 February 2013

Evangelisation in the Digital Age

Peace to you!!

Today most people are tuned into some form of digital media or other be it Facebook, Twitter or even this blog!! I was asked by one of our Friars last week, 'How are we supposed to Evangelise today?'...and excellent question which still has me scratching my head!

Mission Alive (Mission Alive on Facebook) today posted a link for two excellent presentations, one on evangelising in the digital age and the other on evangelisation in the year of faith. They provide excellent background and some very practical suggestions.

The message we have to offer is timeless but we need to present it well for our time using all the tools and resources at our disposal. These presentations will offer some food for thought and I am sure you find them useful. Duc in Altum !

Pax and enjoy the journey!
Br Martin


  1. Great post as usual Martin, but unfortunately the links don't work!


    Ger OP

  2. They do now - perhaps I was a bit previous! G.

    1. It's a practical example of gotta keep trying!!