Friday 24 February 2012

Lenten Reflections and Resources 2012

  'The Spirit led Jesus into the desert 
       where hestayed for forty days'.  

      We begin, once again, for our annual pilgrimage with the Lord as we journey with Him for forty days. This Season of Lent is anopportunity to take ourselves out of our normal routine and place ourselves more consciously into relationship with God. It is traditional practice during these forty days to ‘give something up’, however, increasingly we decide to take on a Lenten challenge instead; like voluntary work, or raising money for charity, or a daily good deed.  This Season can be a time when we discern between what we really need and what we think we need.  It can be an opportunity to let go of what is holding us back from living life to the full!

      Below we have listed seven useful resources for you to use during Lent (click on the pictures to be brought to the site).  There is also some information about Lenten reflections which we will be running in our Church Street Friary in Dublin and to which you are more than welcome to attend. During Lent we will also be posting weekly reflections and will update our resource list so please do ‘follow’ this blog or ‘favourite’ us and be sure to check back during the Lenten Season. 

1) Vatican Website

“Let us be concerned for each other,
to stir a response in love and good works” (Heb 10:24)

2) Christian Aid
Lent is an opportunity to stillour minds and focus our thoughts on those less fortunate than ourselves.  Join Christian Aid in reflection and prayer during Lent as they journey with Jesus into the wilderness and from there, towards the cross.

Anew reflection will be added every week.

Download Count Your Blessings leaflet

CountYour Blessings is a daily calendar which takes you through Lent using thought-provoking reflections and engaging actions that will encourage and challenge you, not only in your own life but in praying for those living in poverty around theworld.

3) Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

In Lent,Christians go on a journey of deepening reflection, prayer and discipline which leads them to the great festival of new life at Easter. In their Lent study course, CTBI invite you to think of this journey as leading towards the true freedom of living in love towards God and others, and what this freedom means for ourselves, our churches, ourlocal communities and our world.

4) Trocaire 
This year, Trócaire’s Lenten campaign focuses on communities in northern Uganda who are trying to rebuild their lives after 20 years of war. Find out more below about our work and what you can do to help rebuild lives and communities.

5) Catholic Ireland

Lent is above all a time for prayer, for withdrawing a little from the hustle and bustle of daily life to be alone with God in the secret room of our hearts, to encounter the hidden God (cf. Matt 6:6). The danger is that, using the Lenten fast for any other reason – like collecting money for Third World projects, for example, which are good in themselves and can be personally gratifying – can so easily distract us from the initially less appealing task of seeking the face of God. But that is the real purpose of the Lenten Fast. 

6) Franciscans International 

It is during this time of Lent that we remember Jesus’ suffering on the cross because he was seen as a threat to the powerful. We can liken this to the continuing suffering that people are still experiencing today worldwide, because of unjust legal structures.
FI invites you to use this new prayer booklet to reflect on the 'Seven Last Words of Jesus' in relation to current issues affecting people who are marginalised and to hold them in prayer.

Download 'The Seven Last Words of Jesus'>>

7) Church Support Team

The Church Support Team invite you to share their Lenten journey.  They will be offering you some ideas, encouragement, support and guidance on this journey.  Their daily material is organised through the ‘Lenten Journey’ buttons which you can reach by clicking here.

8)  Capuchin Franciscan Lenten Reflections on the 'Seven Last Words'

The Irish Capuchin Franciscan Friars invite you, for the next seven weeks, to come and stand with us at the foot of the Cross as we listen to the 'Seven Last Words' spoken by Jesus.  Each week we will post  a reflection (click here) which will seek guidance from these words as we, his Church today, like him, experience betrayal, criticism, abandonment and disownment. Inthis first weekly Lenten Reflection we shall listen to Christ's plea offorgiveness; considering these words in the context in which Jesus spoke themand questioning how they affect our perception of God's forgiveness towards us - and others.

If you live in Dublin then why not come and attend the actual reflections?  At 8:00pm, on each Friday of Lent, we will be hosting 40 min reflections in Our Lady ofthe Angels Capuchin Church on Church Street in Dublin.  Music for these reflections will be provided bythe CYC chamber choir (click to be redirected to our blog page).

 Lent is our annual SpringtimeJourney  to God - where will it take you?!

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