Monday 18 April 2011

Palm Sunday in Church Street

Hi All

We had a wonderful weekend here in Church Street. Firstly, we had the pleasure of the Dublin Brazilian Catholic Community, who were here for retreat on Saturday and Sunday. They meet every second week in our Church in Halston Street but twice a year, over 50 young adults come together for two days of prayer, fellowship, sharing, reflection and adoration here in Church Street. Powerful, powerful stuff. I have attached some photos and a video of their adoration time.

We also had the Gospel Mass yesterday evening with our very own Dublin Gospel Choir. Again over 50 young people involved in the choir now bring Gospel music to the country and beyond.

It was truly a joyous weekend for us all here and we pray that the Lord will grace us with many more of them


Br Martin

A moment of Adoration (Video Clip)

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