Wednesday 19 January 2011

Vocations Prayer Space (thanks to Vocations Ireland)

Greetings and Peace with you all!

I have attached a link to the Prayer space on the Vocations Ireland website. The VI website is a great resource for those of you discerning a vocation to any form of religious life. It was the first place I looked when I began my discernment and, I am sure, the Lord used it to lead me to the Capuchin Friars - Deo Gratias!!

We have a discernment weekend coming up in our Church Street Friary on 25th - 27th of February. All the details are on our website and our Facebook page (irish capuchin franciscans)

If you are interested in coming along, spending some time with the Friars and most importantly some time with God discovering what he is asking you to do - then you will be most welcome.

My vocation story, as well as countless others, began by asking that very question ..'.what am I to do with my life that will give it meaning, authenticity and fulfillment?' Once you ask that question you need to listen for the answer - which comes in may forms through Prayer, from friends and family or even through reading this blog!!

If you have asked these questions or similar ones, if you have looked inside to see what you should do, then your journey towards discovering what God is asking of you has already begun!! Congratulatiuons


Br Martin

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