Wednesday 5 January 2011

Happy New Year

I know we are a few days into it now but this is where the New Year really begins - parties over, friends returned to foreign countries, school, study, work begins again. Early mornings and early nights replace late mornings and even later nights!

 I am sure we have all made promises to give up something, to become something  or to do something in 2011. We tend to, when the New Year arrives, put to the back of our mind Christmas for another year and, with it, we can put to the back of our minds the great gift we all received at Christmas, God Himself.

As we resolve to slim down or give up over the next few weeks maybe we could take some time out to think about the One who gave us all we have and make one more resolution, a simple little one,just  to say 'Thank You' to the Giver of Every Good gift.

Peace and Goodness to you for 2011

Br Martin

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