Sunday 26 May 2013

St Francis & the Holy Trinity

Happy Feast of the Trinity to all!!!

St Francis of Assisi held a deep love for the Trinity and was often caught up in prayer and contemplation on the Mystery of the Trinity. The Trinity is one, if not THE, great mysteries of our faith. Father, Son and Spirit united as one, yet individual. United by pure and uncontaminated Love (with a capital L!). The Trinity is the exemplar of self-less Love, of Fellowship, of Communion and of Giving. The Three Divine Persons are bound together in a bond of Love which is impossible for us to imagine. However, this Love is not self satisfying or self contained, but rather spills out into all of creation, causing it to be, and into the hearts of each and every one of us, through Baptism. The Trinity dwells within us....what a mind blowing though!

Our call then is threefold:

  • To recognise that we are vessels of the Trinity and to rejoice in it
  • To live as vessel of the Trinity radiating that self-less Love to all Creation
  • To allow the Trinity to prayer in and through us

Francis, at the end of the Earlier Rule for the Friars , composed a beautiful prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving, the latter part referring directly to the Trinity, praying this may be a good way to get in-touch with How dwells inside of you:

Wherever you are, in every place, at every hour,
at every time of the day, every day and continually,
let all of us truly and humbly believe, hold in our heart an
love, honour, adore, serve, praise and bless,
glorify and exalt, magnify and give thanks to the
Most High and Supreme Eternal God
Trinity and Unity.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Creator of all! Saviour of all!
Who believe and hope in Him, and love Him, Who, without
beginning and end, is unchangeable, invisible, indescribable, ineffable,
incomprehensible, unfathomable, blessed, praiseworthy,
glorious, exalted, sublime, most High, gentle, lovable, delightful, and,
totally desirable above all else, for ever and ever. Amen

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