Sunday 7 April 2013

Capuchin Day Centre: Sharing in Christ's Ministry to the Poor

The vocation to the Capuchin way of life is a vocation to share in the ministry of Jesus Christ. It is a vocation of listening and being attentive to God within ourselves, our brothers , whom we live with in community and within the world: this is called contemplation.

It is also a vocation of active response to the needs of those, well, who need us to be there for them. The sick in hospital or at home, troubled teenagers in schools, the worried, lonely, anxious, depressed and, of course, the poor. This is our apostolic activity.

As Capuchin Franciscans we are known as Active / Contemplatives. Our prayer feeds and informs our activity and, in turn, our activity feeds and informs our prayer. Both prayer and activity are equal dimensions of the same vocation.

One of our most notable apostolic activities is the Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People in Dublin. Today it was featured in an article by the Sunday Independent and will give you a flavour of the wok done there and of our vocation to be 'Brothers of the Poor'.

In two weeks time (4th Sunday of Easter) we celebrate the day of prayer for vocations. We, like Pope Francis, ask for your prayers to sustain us in our life and work and we, in turn, pray for you all. We also pray, daily in each of our Friaries, that courageous men will respond generously to God's call to join in Christ's ministry as Capuchin Franciscan Friars.

I have attached today's article  Capuchin Day Centre Article 7th April 2013


Br Martin

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