Wednesday 3 October 2012

Happy Feast of St Francis!!!

Today we celebrate the Feast of our founder St Francis of Assisi. Though he lived over 800 years ago, his spirit is thriving in the world as much today as it was then. Francis was a man of Peace, of Justice, of Integrity. Somebody who stood for those who had no voice. He heard God's call and had the courage to respond wholeheartedly.

Franciscans are found on every Continent, dedicating their lives to bringing the Good News message of Jesus Christ to a World racked by division, violence, injustice and secularism. As Capuchin Franciscans we have a particular call above and beyond all this to making our world more Fraternal, to welcoming with open arms those who are not welcomed elsewhere, to hearing the cry of the poor and to responding to it, as Christ and Francis would have done.

If you feel a similar call to a heroic life spent in the service of Christ and his most vulnerable people, then take time to consider that Christ himself, may be asking you for come follow Him as a Capuchin Franciscan Friar.

Contact us for more information on our Order, way of life, service to the poor or if even if you would like to talk about how you feel God is calling you to service. Our vocation Director is Br Terence and he would love to hear from you. You can make contact by emailing or phoning 086 3230638.

Peace and Goodness to you all on this great day and always

Br Martin