Tuesday 27 March 2012

Seven Last Words: "Father, Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit"

(Luke 23: 44-48)

During the seven weeks of Lent we invite you to  come and stand with us at the foot of the Cross as we listen to the 'Seven Last Words' spoken by Jesus.  Each week we will post a reflection which will seek guidance from these words as we, his Church today, like him, experience betrayal, criticism, abandonment and disownment.

In this sixth weekly Lenten Reflection we hear Christ abandon Himself into the Father, offering everything of himself to the one who created him.  This week, we suggest that, after meditating on the words of the reflection, you too abandon yourself into the hands of our Creator-God.  Do this through partaking in the Sacrament of Reconcilation; allow God to welcome you home and redeem you through this wonderful Sacrament.  Is there anything more important to do as we prepare Christ's Passion?.


I am sorry…..
      …for the times I am unable to accept and trust in your forgiveness.
      …for the times I have betrayed, abandoned, denied, or lost faith in the Church.
     …for the times I hold myself captive and am unable to forgive those who have wronged or hurt me.

I am sorry…..
    …for the times I doubt my place in paradise with you.
    …for the times I deceive myself and deny my sin.
    …for the times I refuse to accept fair-judgements put against me.
    …for the times I do not put my ultimate trust in Jesus.

I am sorry…..
      …for the times I refuse to see my neighbour as my sister, my brother, my mother.
      …for the times I shy away from taking responsibility for our Church.
      …for the times I judge or dismiss the love that others have for you.
     …for the times I fail to respond like Mary and to allow the Word to become flesh within me.

I am sorry…..
    …for the times when I doubt your wisdom.
    …for the times when I feel that you have forsaken me.  
    …for the times I have questioned that you know my pain and you journey with me.

I am sorry…..
    …for the times I ask for my cup to be taken from me and demand, “Let my will be done, not Yours”.
    …for the times I covet the cup of my neighbour.
    …for the times I water my spirit and give nothing God-given to my body.

I am sorry…..
    …for the times I refuse to entrust my whole spirit into your hands.
    …for the times I fail to truly see you and allow you to convert my soul.
    …for the times I refuse to ‘beat my breast’ and acknowledge and repent of my sins.

Prayer for the week:

Lord, God, may this deeper sharing in your love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation help us to break out of all that separates us from you and from others.

May it lead us from anger to forgiveness, from despair to joy, from selfishness to serving our brothers and sisters, from fear to trust, from the wilderness to your fountain of eternal love, from resistance to a sincere offering of our spirit.

May we continue to plant seeds of Unity and Reconciliation in Your garden of life. Amen.

Come and Join us....

If you live in Dublin why not come and be present for our 'Seven Last Words' Lenten Reflections?  The above reflection will be part of a 30 minute meditation held at the Our Lady of the Angels Capuchin Church on Church Street each Friday of Lent beginning at 8:00pm.  This week a number of priests will also be available for the Sacramanet of Reconcilation during the meditation.  Music for these reflections will be provided by the CYC chamber choir.  You can read the previous weeks reflections here: week one, week two, week three, week four and week five.

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