Sunday 5 June 2011

21 young men join the Capuchin Pre-Novitiate in America

Peace be with you all on Ascension Sunday! 

So some good news! 21 young men have joined our Inter-Provincial Pre-Novitiate Programme in the US. There is a lot of jargon there, so let me explain.

Inter- Provinical means that different Provinces (Territories) have come together to pool resources and work in solidarity as Brothers to provide this programme.
Pre-Novitiate is a time, after their first year (called Postulancy), for these young men to get to know each other before they enter the Novitiate year. The Novitiate is a time of deeper living of our life in prayer, simplicity and fraternity. It lasts a year and a day!

We send our congratulations, prayers and best wishes to all in the programme and we thank them for having the courage to listen to and respond to the Lord.

Br Martin

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